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Policeman arrested for illegal enforcement of Covid-19 SOPs in Pader

Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson David Mudong Ongom confirmed report.

Pader, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Police in Pader district are holding a special police constable for alleged illegal enforcement of Covid-19 standard operating procedures.

SPC 2818 Patrick Malimu attached to Pajule police station in Pader district was arrested on Saturday afternoon after he and another police deserter identified as Richard Oyet went to Amoko-Lagwayi East village in Pajule town council to enforce Covid-19 guidelines without orders from his seniors.

David Mudong Ongom, the Aswa River Region police spokesperson says while carrying out the illegal act, Malimu and Oyet allegedly arrested one person for not wearing a facemask, something that caused a scuffle between the duo and the crowd at the scene.

In the process to quell the situation, Mudong says Malimu discharged one bullet which injured the right foot of one person identified as Sisto Oyet, aged 53.

According to Mudong, Malimu took off after shooting Odong, leaving behind Oyet in the hands of the mob who beat him to coma and that he and Odong have been admitted to Pajule health center IV for treatment.

Mudong revealed that Malimu reported himself to Pajule police station where he was immediately arrested and charged with attempted murder of Sisto Odong, an offense contrary to Section 204 (a&b) of the Penal Code Act.



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