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Police warns on floods and goons

A flooded section on a road in Kampala. PHOTOS VIA @primagaba
A flooded section on a road in Kampala. PHOTOS VIA @primagaba


Due to increased rainfall around the country, Uganda Police has advised everyone to be cautious, avoid pools of water and install lightning arresters, to avoid tragedy.

“Motorcyclists shouldn’t maneuver through flooded waters. If the waters are above the knees, wait for the water to subside because you don’t see where you are moving,” Director of Fire and Rescue Services, Joseph Mugisa told the press Monday in Kampala

He advised that “schools ought to delay students at school in case it is raining.”

Mugisa also urged parents to dissuade children from playing in pools of water such as drainages, gutters and trenches. Public buildings especially schools should install lightening arresters to prevent lightning accidents from the strikes.

Mugisa said that due to the implementation of emergency response teams in the Rwenzori region, no lives have been lost so far especially around the river banks of Nyamwamba and Mubuku. He revealed that an early warning mechanism from mountains to municipal (passing information from commander Centre to local leadership about the rains) has worked successful in Kasese to prevent loss of lives.

Policeman Mugisa briefs press on floods and goons situation. PHOTO BY CHARLOTTE NINSIIMA
Policeman Mugisa briefs press on floods and goons situation. PHOTO BY CHARLOTTE NINSIIMA

Kampala has been hard hit.

Some of the flood prone areas in the city include low lying areas of Kyambogo, Kinawataka, Banda, Clock Tower around about, Bwaise, Kyebando, and Nalukolongo. Fortunately the police have provided standby teams of divers with inflatable boards, to provide assistance in case of any emergency. They can be contacted on 0711042193, 0800199399 and 0800121222.

Police investigating Goons

The Police are investigating a suspected group of civilians who assaulted a few motorcyclists along Kampala Road, ‘allegedly operating on police duty’ to keep order as Col. Kizza Besigye moved to Najjanakumbi.

The assault happened last Tuesday 12th April 2016, when a group of ‘civilians’ masked and dressed in black with batons hit moving motorcyclists, and others fled for their life and left the motorcyclists behind.

“There was an infiltration of police operation. However video footages were retrieved and several officers who participated in the operation have recorded statements. The public shouldn’t judge us and we would like to reassure the public that this fault line that is being worked on,” Fred Enanga, Police Spokesperson assured journalists at Naguru Police Head Quarters today.

The Police are calling upon the assaulted motorcyclists to come forward and record statements about the incident. The injured victims will be provided with medical forms. Also more stringent measures, under which officers involved, are closely monitored and supervised to ensure security activities are professionally aligned.

Police warned a group of individuals under the KIFEESI Goons, mobilizing on social media to allegedly provide Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye with security on his way for FDC prayers today. They claim police notification is irrelevant but are prepared to carry any weapons in case of police interference.

“It is unlawful and we caution against any evil plans to disrupt the prevailing peace and security in the city. Traffic police have been tasked to conduct traffic surveillance and penalize reckless drivers and motorcyclists that block highways that contribute to the disorder of the city,” Enanga remarked.



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