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Police warn on rising number of child murders

Enanga says police concerned about increase in child murders across the country

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The police have expressed concern over the increase in cases of infanticide and child murders. Statistics at Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) indicate that for the last three years, there has been a gradual increase in incidents of killing infants, toddlers, and children.

Although CID has not released the crime report of last year, figures for 2020, 2019, and 2018 show infanticide incidents stood at 107, 54, and 50 respectively. Police categorize babies below one year as infants, those aged one, two, or three years are referred to as toddlers whereas those aged above three are often described as children.

This year alone, a number of babies and children have been killed in districts of Ngora, Wakiso, Agago, Hoima, Kasese, Rubanda, and Kampala. In Agago, David Komakech, is in jail for allegedly killing his son David Omara, after a misunderstanding with his wife Night Akid.

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said Komakech strangled the boy after his wife left the house.

“He (Komakech) returned home at around 11 pm and started fighting his wife. She ran for her safety and left the boy in the house. He shifted the anger on the child and strangled him to death,” Enanga said.

Still, in Agago, a four-year-old girl was killed by her elder brother of 10 years after she refused to graze the goats. Police say the boy asked the young sister to tie the goats but she refused because she feared them. The brother responded by picking a stick, started whipping her and she eventually collapsed dead.

Another murder of Itungu Samia 7, happened in Bulambila cell, Kasese district. Itungu had gone to fetch firewood at the banks of the River Rwimi. She decided to cross the river where she was grabbed, raped and her throat slit by unknown people.

“This was a very painful death for a seven-year-old. We have gotten samples of DNA. We are going to make sure these culprits are brought to book,” Enanga said.

Immaculate Nyabajimu, was murdered three days ago in Hoima district where she had gone to search for employment. Nyabajimu was a P6 dropout at Naigaga Primary School in Kagadi district. She decided to get a job after staying home when other children had gone back to school. “She was raped and then strangled. We have got the knickers as exhibits and we hope these culprits will be arrested,” said Enanga.

Blessing Kukundakwe 5, has also died in Rubanda district as a result of poisoning. The deceased was served food in a restaurant alongside her elder sister Cynthia Akampurira. The two girls had been given money by their mother Ritah Nasasira and they decided to buy food in a restaurant.

“The girls did not know that the food had been laced with poison. They became ill. Blessing collapsed and died. The mother rushed Cynthia to the hospital in critical condition. We have already arrested the owner of the restaurant,” Enanga said.

Police have urged parents, guardians, and relatives as well members of the public not to involve children in their conflicts. Police say most of the children are victims of domestic violence or property wrangles.



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