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Police arrest 100 officers over indiscipline

Uganda Police has started a campaign to ensure professional standards are maintained in the force. Over 100 have been arrested for involvement in illegal acts while on duty.

The officers were arrested recently in an effort to reinforce the launched rectification campaign headed by Assistant Inspector General of Police Fred Iga.

Police’s Professional Standards Unit (PSU) campaign also aims at strengthening the relationship between police, media and local councils “that will enhance an interactive framework to fish out the bad from the good”, Iga told the press on Monday.

Iga added that, “The media has given criminal gangs like Bayaye, Kifeesi and Bafeeli prominence by constantly giving them space or airtime in their reporting. However we are dedicated to redefine individual (police) professionalism system, embrace a new team work approach and emphasise both internal and community policing so that citizens can enjoy their human rights to safety.”

“There are so many citizens who obey the law but their life is at stake due to these criminal gangs. This is what we are fighting against,” Iga said. “We won’t allow any officer to waste our resources, brand and time to up their salary because we are going to tighten the knots with serious punishment and after actions.”

Fred Enanga, Police PR, said the “campaign comes at a time when officers haven’t delivered their services fully despite a salary increase. The campaign has been a success in Busoga and Namayimbo areas and will be a success in Kampala.

The campaign started in Kampala, with focus first on Makindye. PSU has arrested officers over bribery claims, facilitating sale and use of illegal drugs and extortion.

According to Fortunate Hyabara , Commissioner PSU, Police has mobilised over 400 youth involved in crime around Kampala. Of these, 80% grew upon streets and that’s their way of earning a living.

With help from Makindye Mayor, the youth are being mobilised to take up small projects like washing bays, saloons, welding, brick making and selling merchandise.

She said this had reduced crime incidences in Katwe, Makindye, Kampala Central Divison and Kisenyi during the wee hours of the day.






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