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Pastoralists abandon 3,000 bags of charcoal in Lamwo

Charcoal bags

Lamwo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | 3,000 bags of charcoal have been abandoned by herdsmen, following their eviction from Lamwo district.

The district security committee started evicting the pastoralists from the district last month, following an order by President Museveni in November last year. According to Museveni, the pastoralists are causing food insecurity in Northern Uganda, as their animals trample over food crops.

James Ochola, the Speaker of Lamwo district revealed that following intensified eviction which saw over 2,000 animals removed from the district in the last three days, they have discovered that the pastoralists were not only grazing animals but also felling trees for charcoal.

Joel Watoker, the LC III Chairperson of Palabek Gem Sub-county says due to the large size of the sub-county, it is a challenge to move and monitor activities. He adds that the charcoal dealers always dodge the revenue checkpoints.

Watoker reveals that trees on about a square kilometer of land were destroyed in the villages of Pawic and Ajaogala, Anaka Parish.

He however says it is not only the herdsmen who are cutting trees for charcoal in the district but business people from many parts of the country.

Watoker says they will first seek help from the security personnel in the district before they carry out an impromptu operation to evict the charcoal dealers.

Thousands of indigenous tree species in the Acholi sub-region have in the past few years been lost to the rampant and illegal tree cutting for charcoal.



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