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Parliament concludes swearing in MPs of eleventh parliament

Kawempe North MP Ssegirinya Muhammad supported by colleagues after taking oath. Photo by Olive Nakatudde

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  Parliament has concluded the administration of oath for Members of Parliament.  

The Eleventh parliament will have the highest number of legislators who have increased from 426 MPs in the Tenth Parliament to 529.

During the four day exercise, each MP took the Oath of Allegiance and the Oath of Member of Parliament.

After taking oath on Thursday as an army representative in parliament, Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala said that there was no hidden agenda in having more senior army officers in parliament. He said that the new Uganda People’s Defence Forces –UPDF representatives will consolidate their relationship with the public.

Gen. Katumba said that in the five-year term, he is to ensure that the welfare of soldiers is improved.

The UPDF will be represented by 10 MPs. They include Gen. Wamala, the Commander of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen. David Muhoozi, his deputy Lt. Gen Wilson Mbadi Mbasu, Maj. Gen Henry Masiko, Commander of Land Forces Lt. Gen Peter Elwelu and others.

The others are the Deputy Commander Land Forces, Maj. Gen. Sam Kavuma, Col. Dr Victor Nekesa, Lt. Gen. James Mugira, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the National Enterprise Corporation (NEC), the UPDF Chief Political Commissar, Maj. Gen Henry Matsiko, Lt Col Charity Bainababo and Maj. Dr Jennifer Alanyo. 

Muhammad Ssegirnya, the Kawempe North MP-elect left his sickbed and turned up for the swearing-in ceremony. In an interview with journalists at parliament, he said he was happy to leave Nairobi Hospital to take the oath so that his constituents are fully represented.

Ssegirinya pledged to donate the 200 million Shillings provided to each MP to purchase a car to his constituents so that it helps youth and women start-up businesses.

Margret Rwabushaija, the Workers representative promised to continue her fight for the rights of workers in the new Parliament.

Peter Ogwang, the Ngariam County MP said the Eleventh Parliament must work with the Executive to come up with a national budget that will address the most pressing issues for the people at the grassroots.

Fred Opolot, the Pingire County promised to help increase the household income of his constituents.

The sworn-in MPs will converge on Monday 24th in the first sitting of the Eleventh Parliament to elect the Speaker and Deputy Speaker.



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