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Palwo clan chief courts subjects on land utilization

rwot John Peko Lugai, and wife at the installation ceremony at Palwo royal palace in pader district on saturday.

Pader, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  |  John Peko Lugai II, the new Palwo Clan Chief in Pader district has urged his subjects to embark on massive utilization of the available land in the region for agricultural production to generate income.

While delivering his maiden speech as the Palwo clan chief after his coronation on Saturday at the Palwo royal palace in Pajule Town Council, Lugai says the region is blessed with vast land but less of it is being productively utilized.

He says despite the abundant land, the area is instead witnessing growing cases of land conflicts among relatives, affecting productivity.  

He notes that due to under-utilization of the available land, many people have now resorted to options of gambling and witchcraft in anticipation of getting quick cash minus hard work.

Lugai advised that through practicing agriculture, the locals will be in position to earn money and in turn afford to educate their children to attain a better future.

He pledged to work closely with his subjects and clan elders of palwo to achieve fights against destruction of endangered trees species like afzelia Africana and Shea trees being depleted for charcoal business.

The Kitgum diocese bishop, Rev. Wilson Kitara who graced the coronation ceremony in his homily to hundreds of locals and cultural leaders urged the new chief to be a servant leader who listens to his elders and subjects.

He says Lugai shouldn’t use his position as a chief to exercise lordship and authority over his subjects quoting Jesus’s teaching on leadership in Mark 10:42 which require humility and the willingness to submit to God.

Rev Kitara says whereas some people see traditional leaders and traditional practices as unchristian, the perception is misleading because it reflects the African identity and called for its preservation.

He, however, discouraged the practices of worshiping gods. 

Paul poppy arop, the pagen clan chief who represented the Acholi Paramount Chief David Onen Acana II at the ceremony asked his subjects to put their trust on the newly installed Palwo Chief. 

He also called for unity among cultural leaders and palwo clan members to ensure easy leadership tenure for Lugai. 

Lugai 41 was appointed by the Palwo royal council of elders in August last year after the death of his father George William Lugai who was also the first Acholi deputy paramount chief. 

He is currently working as the Deputy Director of Agoro International Vocational Institute and also the Environmental Coordinator of Agoro Agur Platform in Lamwo District.  



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