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Museveni says NRM Party aims to end money-lessness

President Yoweri Museveni (right) and First Lady Janet Museveni at Namboole for the conference. PHOTO PPU

✳ NRM’s 6 areas of focus
✅ House-hold incomes
✅ Education
✅ Illegal evictions
✅ Stealing of health drugs
✅ Opposing corruption
✅ Working on feeder roads

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | President Yoweri Museveni has hailed the NRM Party for being able to correctly diagnose the problems of Ugandan society, and for prescribing solutions to reduce what he called money-lessness.

He said the NRM had led the drive to to get people out of the traditional subsistence way of life, to join the culture of creating wealth and jobs.

“Remember that the historical mission of the NRM is to make the Ugandan jump on the historical bus of machine power and gun-powder power that they missed since 1440 when Gutenberg invented the Printing Press and, as a consequence, cause the metamorphosis of society into a middle class, skilled working society and away from the society of peasants, low skill artisans and a miniscule and powerless feudal class,” he told the delegates at the National Conference at Mandela International stadium, Namboole.

He identified six areas in which he said the NRM must continue to closely guide Ugandans.

These are house-hold incomes; education for children; opposing illegal eviction by land owners; opposing the stealing of drugs in the Health Centres; opposing the corruption of Government officials and and working on the feeder roads.

“Even though alot is yet to be done, the little we have done has already caused big changes that have now crystallized new challenges. We now have surplus bananas, surplus sugar, surplus milk, surplus maize, surplus cement, surplus steel products, surplus textiles, surplus tyres and tubes for motor-cycles etc…” he said.

Museveni said the main reason of calling this Conference was to revisit the ideology of the NRM.

“Ideology and strategy are most important issues for a political group. What is the message of a political force? Meetings without understanding the ideology are a waste of time. I have never met Jesus but I am a Christian. Why? It is because I read the Bible and Priests keep reminding us.”

He said the other key reason for the conference was to enable reorganisation of the way the party holds its elections.

At the conference, delegates by a majority voted that party primaries will from now on be by lining.

“Due to ideological limitations, some actors take political leadership as a matter of life and death and are ready to cheat in order to get the flag of the NRM. This annoys the population and, if not checked, can lead to disenchantment by the population,” he said, adding that, “that is why we thought that we should go back to lining behind candidates. This is transparent and definitive. There are no arguments as to who won.”


President MUSEVENI Speech at the National Conference of the National Resistance Movement by The Independent Magazine on Scribd


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