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Museveni recalls Dr Besigye saving him after fainting

FILE PHOTO: Bush war comrades. Museveni (left) and Besigye shake hands when Uganda hosted Pope Francis in 2015

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | In a rare disclosure, President Museveni said Dr. Kizza Besigye rescued him during the guerilla war in the 1980s after he fainted.

Museven made the revelation during his ‘Africa Kwetu’ walk he is leading to honour the sacrifices of those who fought during the war.

“…I do not clearly, remember. However, on Bulaga hill, I fainted but Dr. [Kizza] Besigye gave me re-hydration salts and I resumed the march.” Museveni added, “Earlier on, in Karagwe, Tanzania, I had learnt the strain on the body when climbing hills. It is wise to have rests after short bounds; also use a support stick (empiimbo). On the Bulaga hill, I had not observed those rules.”

The revelation surprised many who have observed the two former comrades go at each other in the last 30 years in various episodes of political contestations.


  1. That is what is called comradiship
    Bravo Your HE the president for remembering. Your colleagues.
    In Africa it s not easy for people to appreciate others.You,re one among the few.
    God bless you in your endeavours.

  2. That’s not a pretty good way of remembering what one thing a comrade did to save my life.

  3. As much as Dr. Kizza Besigye was president Museveni’s personal doctor, but then Gen. Museveni of all lots that he probably might have been saved with by his today’s opponet (Besigye), he (Museveni) can only remember how he was saved with re-hydration salt!?

    I am still missing something to appreciate Museveni in recalling Besigye’s good deeds in his (Museveni’s) life

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