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LIBERATION DAY: Government to focus on boosting exports

Uganda today marks 31 years since the NRM/NRA took over power. The day’s celebrations have been held in Masindi, western Uganda.

The theme for the national celebrations was ‘Uganda’s success story under NRM leadership, a shared victory’.

President Yoweri Museveni emphasized five key areas government is now focusing on:

  • Government will focus on boosting manufacturing so that Uganda becomes a major exporter and reduces imports. Uganda earns $5 billion from exports, but uses $7 billion in imports.
  • Strengthen infrastructure to boost oil sector. There will be 10% cut on all government budgets to ensure that funds are got for infrastructure investments.
  • Operation Wealth Creation to raise household incomes and improve people’s livelihood and agriculture.
  • Ensure new roads in place to boost development.
  • Social factors – health and education.

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