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Mpuuga outlines Opposition legislative agenda

Mpuuga, Mayor Lukwago and Speaker Oulanyah Launch of the opposition legislative agenda . PHOTO @Parliament_Ug

1. Reforming political representation and the ‘fossils’ of decentralisation
2. Operationalisation of the National Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy
3. Enforcement of Service Delivery
4. National Health Universal Coverage
5. Education Financing and access
6. Prioritising games and sports
7. Curbing of wasteful expenditure
8. [Fight] Run away corruption
9. Fiscal Reforms
10. Balancing Indigenous Capital with Foreign Capital Participation
11. Media Freedoms and Regulations to Communications
12. Employment Act, 2006 and Labour related matters
13. Trade Union Reforms
14. Trade and Market Regulation
15. Environmental protection
16. The Fisheries Sector and Citizens Empowerment
17. Performance of Members.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Opposition Political Party leaders have commended the legislative agenda unveiled on Friday by the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Mathias Mpuuga. They say that the document will guide the six Opposition Parties in Parliament to present alternative policies and Bills.

Under the legislative agenda the Opposition in Parliament highlighted areas they are going to concentrate on to present alternative policies and Bills.

These include electoral reforms, public order management, curbing of wasteful expenditure, improvement of service delivery and performance of Opposition Members.

“Uganda’s politics has known the role of initiating legislative policymaking mainly as a preserve of the Executive, while the opposition has mostly been associated with the intention to prevent rather than shape policy. The social contract with the citizenry enjoins us to legislate not in our interest but the interest of our constituencies and the nation as a whole. This requires, whenever possible, seeking bipartisan support and consensus in pursuit of improved governance and service delivery,” said Mpuuga.

He added that their pursuits will not necessarily be based on the scoreboard mentality or on the number of proposals accepted, saying that such an approach may negate the constructive outcomes that would accrue from the legislative pursuits. But he added that the pursuits will rather, focus on raising issues that would otherwise be neglected and stimulate debate within the public domain.

Robert Kyagulanyi, the NUP President applauded the Opposition of coming up with the legislative agenda, which is the first in the history of Uganda’s politics. He said that the legislative agenda is largely a reflection of the NUP manifesto.

“We have been severally criticized as a group that has no clear agenda, as a group that would sink this country if we ever take power. Many times, we have been criticized as a group that has no alternative policy although I have many times encouraged such critics to read our manifestos and other opposition parties. I further want to encourage them to read this legislative agenda,” said Kyagulanyi.

Kyagulanyi also urged Opposition MPs not to forget the reality of their constituents and not to get comfortable with their positions.

Gerald Siranda, the Democratic Party Secretary General said that even though the agenda is making proposals in the reduction in the size of parliament, this should also push to the lower administrative units.

David Arira, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Secretary-General commended the legislative agenda but urged the office of the Leader of Opposition to next time consult political parties to give their views on the agenda.

Asuman Basalirwa, the JEEMA President said that the agenda has helped them answer a critical question of what the Opposition has to offer.

The Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah assured the Opposition support saying that they have a duty to bridge the widening gap between legislators and the people.



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