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Mbabazi To Stand As An Independent? Petition On

An online petition has been launched on the Change.org website to convince Amama Mbabazi to stand as an Independent for the 2016 Presidential Elections. The petition which was published by Janette Mugisha calls upon signatories to support Mbabazi’s decision to abandon NRM and not be restricted by what they term as unfair rules and regulations.
At the moment, at least 250 people had signed the petition. The petition reads in part;
“We the supporters who implore you to go independent because NRM party you help create is a ship which has veered off course, the rules and regulations set in place are mere obstacles to your aspirations and intended to eliminate you on technicalities. Therefore we your valued supporters oppose those undemocratic and rudimentary tactics being employed behind the scenes to deny you a chance to lead the party.
The party organs are operating in unethical fashion to systematically eliminate you from the race,which is contrary to the party constitution and on that basis alone we have no confidence in the selective process being used to deprive you from leading the party.”

Finally the petition talks about President Museveni’s background work in controlling the part processes;
“By the time an aspirant has finished their consultations, Mr. Museveni hopes to have consolidated his hold on the party therefore he will control the National Conference and will emerge the “sole candidate”. This phase is where the attack comes in. If an aspirant is not happy with the outcome, then there will be no time for that aspirant to seek redress. The National conference has been schedules for 2nd October. This is a Friday. If you are voted out, the voting shall happen at the end of the day hence you will not be able to file any challenge in court. This is to avoid the kind of situation where Ruhinda Magulu had enough time to take Mr. Museveni to court and a consent judgment was made to enable Mr. Museveni stand on the NRM ticket.”

The former Prime Minister is yet to pick nomination forms for any position in the NRM party as he requested to be availed with the party regulations before paying the nomination fees. He’s yet to get a reply from the NRM Electoral Commission president, Dr. Tanga Odoi.

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