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Masaka DP leaders transfer party structures to NUP

Bone Stephen Kasujja, DP chairperson for Masaka municipality alongside other party leaders in a meeting that announced alliance to NUP. Courtesy photo

Masaka, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | DP leaders in Masaka district have chosen to transfer their party structures into mobilization units for the National Unity Platform-NUP, a new political party that formed a coalition with MP Robert Kyagulanyi’s People Power pressure group.

Leaders of the revival DP faction in Masaka district have embraced the new political formation and resolved to vigorously mobilize for it ahead of the 2021 general election.

Bonny Stephen Kasujja, the DP chairperson for Masaka municipality says despite the current disputes within the mainstream Democratic Party, their revival faction successfully put in place leadership structures at all levels in the area and generated consensus to use NUP as their political mobilization platform for the 2021 general elections.

He says that they are soon embarking on the process of identifying candidates who will also contest under the new political formation.

Joseph Ddungu, the DP organizing secretary for Masaka district indicates they have thought through the decision and agreed that in the union, there is a common good of achieving the much desired political change in the country. He adds that although they are not formally divorcing their loyalty from the mother party-DP, its ambitions have lately become unclear.

Michael Mulindwa Nakumusana, the Democratic Party Legal Advisor for Masaka explains that at a later stage they will come back to their party and cleanse it of the uncertainty in which it is currently trapped.

Mike Ssemaganda, the DP chairperson for Lwengo district says the decision is not regrettable, arguing that it is just a response to the underlying public anxiety to see political change in the country.

He said that earlier on, thousands of intending candidates in the area had voluntarily filled nomination forms expressing interests to contest under the People Power platform saying these have now found a legal formation under which they will be able to fulfill their ambitions.

But Fred Mukasa Mbidde, the DP National Vice President said they are yet to obtain information about the decision adding that once received, the party top organ will convene and forge a way forward.



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