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Masaka Bishop urges Basic Christian Communities to help fight domestic violence

Masaka, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Masaka Catholic Diocesan Bishop Serverus Jjumba has turned to the Basic Christian Community in the fight to eliminate domestic violence.

While delivering his Easter message at his Episcopal home in Kitovu, Masaka, Bishop Jjumba noted that he has found it necessary to enlarge the mandate of small Christian Communities beyond providing spiritual support, to also include strengthening family institutions through promoting reconciliation among couples.

Locally known as “obutabi” the basic Christian community is comprised of ten households whose members are close to one another, and regularly meet during liturgical seasons like Lent to pray and share scriptures.

The model which also has a leadership structure is apparently appreciated as a basic unit in which the Catholic faith is deep-rooted.

Bishop Jjumba says they are also going to use the same basic unit of leadership to help in averting the recurrent problem of domestic violence and its negative effects on the community.

According to him, the basic community will be used to closely monitor families as well as support reconciliation among couples, and where necessary inform the authorities before the problem worsens.

Bishop Jumba has on the other hand called upon the Christians to use this year’s Easter season to do honest self examination into their ways of life and shun every conduct that causes harm to humanity.

He also challenged the communities to undertake deliberate efforts to preserve and restore the environment to make it safe for life.

For his part, his Anglican counterpart of West Buganda Diocese, Bishop Henry Katumba Tamale has also challenged the Christians to celebrate this year’s Easter season simply beyond merrymaking, and reflect on the true purpose of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, which according to him is a reminder for spiritual renewal.

Bishop Katumba has urged Christians to live purposeful lives that glorify God and nurture responsible human beings.

The Christians will finally be marking Easter celebrations in their churches, after the two years of lockdown that was induced by the outbreak of Covid-19.



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