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Mafabi welcomes Rwakafuzi committee

By Aloysious Kasoma

Internal wrangles in the leading opposition party Forum for Democratic Change are set to end after the former Candidate for FDC Party President & Leader of Opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi announced that he has accepted to trust the new reconciliation committee chaired by Ladislus Rwakafuzi.

Mafabi said in a press release on Thursday that his team will trust the committee and they will support the entire process.

“We trust that the committee, headed by Counsel Ladislus Rwakafuzi, will get to the bottom of the issues raised with diligence.” He said in the press release.

Mafabi pledged to continue supporting the entire process and called upon all members of the party who supported him and those who supported his opponent to be calm and wait for the outcome.

“We believe that this exercise marks the start of a new and better chapter for the party; united in our quest to offer better leadership to the country, to take on the challenges that confront our citizens, through means built on the founding values of democracy, accountability and transparency at all levels, to which we shall seek to re-commit ourselves.” He added.

Mafabi thanked the FDC Party Chairman, Sam Njuba, for establishing and unveiling the anticipated Reconciliation Committee as was agreed in the post election meeting of 24th November 2012.

“In requesting for this reconciliation process, my election team believed, and still believes, that it will be the most credible and effective avenue for forging party unity, as well as taking measures to ensure that future such elections are carried out in a more brotherly and transparent manner, consistent with our espoused values as a Party.” He said.

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