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LIVE: Museveni celebrates, warns of ‘foreign interference’

FILE PHOTO: Museveni and his security team waves to crowds at a previous event. He has promised tough security measures against those who intend to destabilize his regime.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT & XINHUA | President Yoweri Museveni has said the results of his country’s election marks another victory for Uganda over foreign influence.

The Electoral Commission today declared Museveni winner by58.64% of the votes cast.

“Foreign interference will not be tolerated ” he said. He accused foreigners of bankrolling his main challenger Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, who secured 34.83% of the votes cast.

“We have had a lot of foreign interference…slave trade, colonialism. If foreign interference was the source of wealth, Africa would be the richest,” Museveni said in his first address since he was declared President-elect.

“We shall maintain peace. If anyone tries to disrupt our peace we shall deal with that person decisively.”

Hotly contested

Observers say this has been one of Uganda’s most contested elections, pitting the young against the old generation. The election period has also been the most violent, with dozens of fatal cases recorded since early November last year.

One such incident is the riot of Nov. 18-19 where 54 people lost their lives as security forces dispersed protestors.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic compounded the election process as different parties interpreted the implementation of the pandemic prevention measures depending on the political side they are on

The opposition argued that the police implement the measures selectively with the intention of foiling opposition campaigns.

Museveni won the elections with the slogan, ‘securing your future’. His agents based his campaigns on the progress the country has made both economically and socially over the years.

Museveni’s opponents however said his government is riddled with corrupt officials who have derailed the country’s development for selfish gain.

Some election observers have referred to the election process as largely peaceful, with no major violence incidents.

“I think this was generally peaceful elections. It registered a very high voter participation,” said Chrispin Kaheru, an independent election observer in an interview with Xinhua.

“But the shutdown of internet affected the citizens, election observers, political parties and media. It limited information follow and sharing. The elections shrive on information sharing,” he said.

Domitien Ndayizeye, former Burundian president and head of East African Community-Election Observer Mission told reporters here that the elections were free and fair.

“The elections were transparent. The tallying was transparent. There was no voter intimidation and election officials were very competent,” said Ndayizeye.


  1. Prof. Emmanuel Kalenzi Twesigye

    Congratulations to President Museveni on his 6th presidential term election! Let peace and economic development continue to prevail in Uganda! We pray! No Amen!

  2. I guess South Sudan, Somalia, Congo and other places where he himself has interfered are the best developed countries in the world

  3. I congratulate the president elect H. E. Yoweri kaguta Musevei, the president of the Republic of Uganda. You showed the world that however much foreign interference, n influence, they won’t succeed in their plans and endeavours of turning Uganda into what they want. Long live your excellency YK Museveni, long live Uganda. God bless Uganda for many more years to come. For God and my country

    • Wishing a long life to a man in his late 70s? Your priorities are badly misplaced.

    • I tell you what, Ive got an idea. Since you and Mussevini dislike foreigners so much, turn down all aid. Every single dollar. Oh by the way, you get a billion dollars a year from the USA alone. To be honest, we in the West are increasingly sick of seeing on our televisions the leader of the opposition being arrested, beaten and locked in their home all the time. We’d prefer our taxes go go elsewhere to be honest and will be making our feelings known to our politicians..

  4. Another rigged election. What else is new in Uganda?

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