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LIVE: Bobi Wine says NUP yet to decide on court action


Kyagulanyi speaking to the world LIVE on facebook today.

✳ Museveni 5,851,037 (58.64)
✳ Kyagulanyi 3,475,298 (34.83%)
✳ Amuriat 323,536 (3.24%)
✳ Muntu 65,334 (0.65)
✳ Kabuleta 44,300 (0.44%)
✳ Mao 55,665 (0.56%)
✳ Tumukunde 50,141 (0.50%)
✳ Kalembe 37,469 (0.38%)
✳ Katumba 35,983 (0.36%)
✳ Mwesigye 24,673 (0.25%)
✳ Mayambala 14,657 (0.15%)

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has demanded that security officials who have seized their results Declaration Forms that they need if they are to go to court to challenge the Uganda Presidential results.

According to official results released by the Electoral Commission last week, Kyagulanyi came second behind President Yoweri Museveni, who was declared winner with 58% of the vote.

Bobi Wine maintained that he won the January 14 election and will continue to challenge the results. He said court action will be determined in the next few days.

“The revolution is going on and nothing, absolutely nothing, will stop us. The regime is desperate to close this chapter, to pretend that things have moved on. This is just the beginning. We are removing a dictator and we will not rest until we achieve this mission.”

Bobi Wine has not left his home since the day the results were released last weekend. He is under house arrest with police stopping anyone from getting to his home.

“I am indeed under house arrest and I continue to live through these indignities and humiliation but my spirit is very strong. I hope you, comrades, out there are strong too,” he said in his live facbook broadcast that attracted over 50,000 viewers.

His lawyers were only allowed to see him yesterday.

“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory,” he reassured his supporters in the live broadcast on Facebook.

Uganda last week shut-down the internet for five days, only letting it back on Monday but with access to social media limited to only those with VPNs.




  1. “Bobi Wine maintained that he won the January 14 election and will continue to challenge the results. He said court action will be determined in the next few days.”

    This is the shock of defeat for someone who has not been a politician for long. Bobi Wine won Buganda and he should be satisfied with that. Whatever he’s claiming can not be significant enough to overturn a presidential election. Is he going to say that the MPs elected in his party were rigged in?

    • Let Museveni do the following if his win is genuine: 1. Free Bobi Wine and his supporters from arbitrary detention, 2. Allow an independent audit of the ballots.

      • The electoral commission and the rolling party has caused a lot of infringement in uganda’s democracy and politics.the house arrest of bobi is significant testimony that the election was full of bobi

    • Layoo Daniel Arap Moi

      With the sickness in our judicial system, I don’t see any sign of progress. The fact that we should admit to is that the election was not a peaceful one.

    • you are a fool

      • Did you really think about it deeply before using it,I mean that word”Fool” I hope you’re not one of those paid to do the dirty works,the way Ugandans are suffering quietly, innocent people are being killed,I think you are not a Ugandan coz if you were you wouldn’t be using that word “Fool” cos the entire world has seen what has happened and what’s happening, it’s only you who hasn’t but please try to open your eyes wide so you won’t be left behind I come in peace 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌!!!!

      • You’re the real Fool here who actually sees the truth but don’t want to believe but that will change soon when realise that you are going the wrong direction!!!!

      • Foolish and fake Paul. Be assured that the devil worshipper Bobi Wine whom you trusted foolishly did not win. He now under house arrest for wanting to cause chaos.

      • Foolish and fake Paul. Be assured that the devil worshipper Bobi Wine whom you trusted foolishly did not win. He is now under house arrest for wanting to cause chaos

      • Who is this fool calling a “fool”? You shouldn’t come on such a forum is you are an illiterate.

      • Nga nyoko. Paulo, Era oli musiru nga nyoko ne kitawo

    • I forgive you for not seeing the big picture. Youve spoken like one of those currently-suffering de-elected victims who thought the current government is a job and that they are gods -or- a villager who finds poor standards of living a norm.
      Thanks Paul^ for that description.

  2. Elections and Human Rights
    Bobi’s Facebook broadcast on the number of young people missing or in detention/safe houses is troubling, and needs to be scrutinised by all peace loving people and the donor community. The government has to account for all these people it’s meant to protect. Such a blatant violation of human rights calls into question whether the elections were free and fair. We call upon the government to tell us where all these people are held and what crimes they committed, and why they have not been brought before the courts on the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.
    We may be reliving the biblical King Herod ‘eliminating’ all the new babies in panic due to a perceived threat to his empire, which is bad news for our country.

  3. Whole government is despetately panicking before Kyagulanyi. He gets, together with his supporters, more emboldened as the State inflicts strict persecution on his body. Battle lines are well set for a serious showdown.

  4. Uganda’s economy will continue to slam following a decrease in gdp and the infliction of pain to the opposition will spark contraversies arrest of ready for another protest

  5. The best way of clearing a ploblem is to face it hardly.let every one bring out declaration forms and the court will decide the free and fair elections.Despite the facts that innocent people are roating in jail without taking them to courts of low to judge them accordingly.Let the rules of law come out at least.

  6. Let’s fight till this phorah leaves our nation our president just continue we are with you..the great man said”our nation will be what we want it to be”

  7. When you are digging a hole to trap your enemy, do not dig it so deep because you or your relative may be the one to fall into it. Worst still , never throw stones to any gathering with the intention of hurting specific people because some of the stones may land on your mother’s head. “Remember we are dust and to dust we shall return” -(Genesis 3:19).Every thing has it’s time and what God has planned for can’t be turned down by any body/thing.

  8. I think Ugandans should not fear the threats of the doomed government which is sacrificing the lives its own people. Dedicated souls cannot be stopped by humiliation and threats until the intended goal is achieved. The police forces and the UPDF think that that Museveni will live forever. What will happen to them if one day Bobi comes to power if now they are treating him like a foreigner in his own country?
    Keep the fire burning Bobi, no future for the unjust.. Save Ugandans.

  9. Museven wld have gone when people still have interest in him . bt what he is doing brings hatred on him. He cannot stop Gods plans. Per now he would be planning for his good end!

  10. Africa’s problem is first of all caused by Africans and later fueled by western power. Greed, corruption and religion has been the platform for “incurable” problem of Africa.

  11. Museveni has been playing with Ugandans generosity and humbleness in this last 35yrs he thought they would remain his papets until he lives this planet but everything has its beginnings and endings so he must accept that he has derailed,he is nolonger railing, although he won this time which was not free and fair after causing alot of choas and commotion among Ugandans he has to know that this will be his last, even though Ugandans are quiet,they actually know what they are doing, Ugandans will not be taken for granted anymore, even if he has army and tankers backing him up when it’s time it’s really time and no one can change that, let him be there for the last time!!

  12. Foolish and fake Paul. Be assured that the devil worshipper Bobi Wine whom you trusted foolishly did not win. He is now under house arrest for wanting to cause chaos

  13. Bobi Wine is finished. Soon he might try to run away to USA to go and enjoy the $40 million given by LGTB and other groups that wanted chaos in Uganda. LGTB means just that. The people Bobi Wine duped hoping they’ll get some of that money will be greatly disappointed. Many are already dead, sacrificed by Bobi Wine. Some are in prison detected on the CCTVs around the city committing crimes. He also rode on tribal bigotry and has now isolated his people. He had no idea what the rest of the country thought of him. They did not trust him and considered his candidacy an insult. How can a drug-addicted musician lead a country like Uganda? It is unthinkable.

  14. Paul you are areal fool

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