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Kyagulanyi vows to boost coffee production in Bugisu if elected

Robert Kyagulanyi during his campaign trail.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi of the National Unity Platform -NUP has specifically pledged to farmers in Bugisu sub region and Uganda at large that if elected, he will boost coffee production.

Kyagulanyi made this pledge while speaking to thousands of his supporters today during his campaign trail at Bududa playground in Bududa district.

The musician-turned-politician who is popularly known as Bobi Wine criticized the current NRM government for failing to help coffee farmers in terms of stabilizing coffee prices.

Kyagulanyi said the Museveni administration’s handling of agriculture does not measure up to that under Obote’s government in terms of supply of seedlings, agricultural pesticides or fertilizers. He thus promised that his government would prioritize coffee farmers by offering free chemicals, fertilizers and stabilizing for them the price among others such that their farming occupation can be admirable and respectable.

John Baptist Nambeshe, the NUP coordinator in Eastern region who is also MP for Majiya County in Bududa district says that the Bugisu region with its Arabica coffee would have been the richest region in the country but its the poorest due to poor governance

He urged people from Bududa to trust Kyagulanyi with their votes if they want change in terms of good infrastructure, most meaning schools and roads.



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  1. Even the simple “boosting” of coffee production also qualifies as a pledge?

    Very many free things are being promised, even increased salaries for soldiers and police… all while reducing taxes… isn’t this typical of the combination of things known to eventually result in the indiscriminate printing of money, hyperinflation, economic collapse, worsened instability and all the other accompanying problems? It seems some candidates are not being advised, being poorly advised, receiving advice from unqualified advisors, or they are not listening to advice… which is worrisome.

    Can’t we have promises made by candidates scruitinized by suitably qualified independent bodies and explained to the public?

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