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KENYATTA: Supreme Court will not subvert will of Kenyans

Kenyatta speaks to his supporters after the court verdict. PHOTO PSCU

NairobiKenya | PSCU  President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday said the will of millions of Kenyans, expressed by a huge majority in August 8 elections, will not be subverted by the Supreme Court.

President Kenyatta, accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto on a tour of Nairobi, called on Kenyans to maintain peace in the aftermath of a Supreme Court decision that annulled the election without giving details of its ruling.

“I believe the will and the choice of Kenyans will prevail. They will prove the ruling of the four judges wrong,” said Kenyatta in reference to the split 4-2 Supreme Court ruling.

The President spoke when he addressed people at Burma Market, Jua Kali and Muthurwa in Nairobi on his first meet-the-people-tour ahead of hitting the campaign trail once again.

Kenyatta said there was no need for Kenyans to fight with each other over the election, saying they should continue with their daily activities peaceful even as the country prepares for another round of presidential election.

“I urge every Kenyan, shake hands with your neighbours and tell them that it does not matter what tribe they belong to, their political affiliation, religion or colour, we are all Kenyans and what is important is peace,” said the President.

The President said despite his misgivings, he will abide by the Supreme Court’s ruling, which directed the electoral agency IEBC to hold fresh elections within 60 days.

Kenyatta thanked Kenyans for voting overwhelming for the Jubilee Party and urged them to uphold peace as the country prepares to go for a second round of presidential election.

He said the Court’s ruling has given him a chance to continue serving Kenyans as a sitting President and not as a President-elect. Top on his agenda is working with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to transform the city county.

“Be prepared to see rehabilitation of Burma Market, cleaning up of the city and improvement of roads. And we will start this work in the Eastlands area where a majority of the residents live,” President Kenyatta said.

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