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Karuma tribal clash victims demand security protection

Asega Hahib Jogo talking to URN from Okweche cell. Courtesy photo

Kiryandongo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Victims of a tribal clash in Okwece cell in Karuma town council, Kiryandongo district are demanding for the establishment of an army detach in the disputed area.

The area is located North West of Karuma town council where the nearest security installments are an army barracks and a police outpost about 20 kilometres away.

On February 10th 2021, there was a deadly clash between the Langi and Lugbara tribes following the alleged murder of Vincent Opio, 12, Langi speaking boy who disappeared on February 4th 2021.

The Langi accused the Lugbara of being cannibals and being behind the mysterious disappearance and death of their children from the area.

The clash left three people dead, one critically injured, several houses burnt, household properties destroyed and domestic animals killed.

To date, residents of both tribes have deserted the area for fear of an attack by either side.

Asega Habib Jog, who lost a son in the attack says that residents have abandoned the area due to fear.

He explained that there are no security personnel in the area, something that threatens stability and peace in the area.

Jogo says that the attack could have been averted had it been that there were adequate security personnel or installment near the area.

He pleaded that a military detach or a police outpost be established in the area to contain another attack since some of the residents are already returning to their homes.

Abdul Razak who witnessed the attack says that it is very important for security to be deployed in the area to quell projected attacks since both sides still hold grievances against each other.

Another resident, Fahima Angoko has also pleaded with the security officials in the district to enhance security patrol in the area to ensure maximum protection of people and their properties.

Peter Debele, the Resident District Commissioner said that security have since that date maintained routine patrol and intelligence in the area.

He added that establishing an army barracks or police outpost in the area will depend on the magnitude of security threats in the area, something he says is still normal.



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