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Kaabong residents challenge new MP on health, education

FILE PHOTO: Newly elected Member of Parliament for Kaabong district Christine Nakwang Tubo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The need to improve health and education services, have been listed as key targets for the newly elected Member of Parliament for Kaabong district Christine Nakwang Tubo.

Nakwang, a member of the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM Party won the Thursday vote against her sole challenger Judith Adyaka Nalibe- from the opposition Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party.

Although she is not new to parliament, Nakwang has an uphill task to prove her relevance to the constituents, who had ejected her from the house in 2017,  in a by-election that followed the nullification of the 2016 results over voter bribery and other election malpractices. The by-election was won by her rival Rose Lilly Akello.

But Akello recently resigned from Kaabong and opted for the newly created district of Karenga, creating a way for Nakwang to bounce back into the political arena.  In the latest poll, she secured 22, 532 votes against 1,692 votes for Adyaka- who however had pulled out of the race midway through the campaign.

Peter Lokwang, one of the residents in Kaabong Town Council says wants the MP to address health issues, lobby for scholarships for the children of Karamoja and effectively represent the views and plight of local people.

Lydia Nanyang, a resident of Kapilan Bar in Kaabong Town Council wants the MP to prioritize the provision of better health delivery for her constituents who are forced to seek health services in drug shops manned by untrained personnel since due to the constant drug shortages in the government facility.

Regina Nakiru, another resident from Lobongia Sub County wants the MP to advocate for children whose families cannot raise tuition because of high poverty levels. She notes that some of the bright but needy children have been left behind because programs meant for them have been usurped by those in power.

Nakwang equally made a commitment to follow the implementations of all the government programs meant to empower the local community in order to ensure that Kaabong gets equitable access to basic services.



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