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Justice Kavuma assures the public on election petitions

Justice Kavuma gave interim order halting case.
Justice Kavuma 

Uganda’s Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma has assured that public that the Court of Appeal is committed to hear and conclude all the over 140 election appeals within the stipulated time frame of six months.

Kavuma, who is the head of the Court of Appeal, says the court has sufficient funds and ten justices, ready to put on halt other matters to work tirelessly including weekends to dispose off the appeals in the quickest way possible.

“We are ready to do the work. We have money to keep us going and we think that by the time we have utilized what we have. Some other funds will be found,” he said. Kavuma was addressing a news conference at his court of Appeal chambers on Tuesday afternoon.

“I would also like to appeal to the members of public coming to court to respect the temples of justice because it is a command of the constitution. We are tired of chaos vat court.”

Justice Kavuma has also assured all parties having appeals in this court that they will get substantive justice, since all the ten judges going to handle them, took a judicial oath to dispense justice without fear or favor. Kavuma encouraged any party to ask any judge to step aside from hearing his /her case if there are valid reasons upon which he believes that the said judge will not serve substantive justice.


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