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Judith Tumwebaze; Cake baker

By the Indepenent Team

Judith Tumwebaze always had a knack for baking delectable and beautiful cakes as a hobby. Driven by high the popularity of cakes, she opened a cake making business. She has found it to be a rewarding experience thanks to the almost weekly celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays etc all of which feature cake as the main dessert.

“Opening a business that is not only aimed at making a return but also to live your dream helps in exploring passion while delivering the best products for a profit margin,” says Tumwebaze.

Later, the professional teacher enrolled for a cake making and decorating course to up her skills in making basic sheet cakes, tiered cakes and miniature versions that have elaborate decorations and yummy goodness.

Having started with capital of about Shs 5 million, the Cake Hub, as her business is called, has turned out to be a flourishing business attracting both individual and corporate clientele. Indeed, the capital has tripled in a span of two years.

Success Tips; Practice more, develop a niche

Tumwebaze’s winning tip has always been the willingness to learn more through constant trainings.

“Keep pushing yourself and learning new skills. The best people to test your cakes on are friends and family as they are also very good at spreading the word about your business,” she says.

She however admonishes people to decide on which cakes they want to focus on – cupcakes, celebration cakes, wedding cakes or something else. “Developing a niche can help you hone the identity of your company’s brand and makes you different from other companies,” she says.

Having grown her clientele in the business, Tumwebaze is now considering spreading the brand across the country through opening regional branches.

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