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Judiciary clarifies drivers salary concerns, welfare measures


High Court in Kampala

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Judiciary has responded to the audio clips circulating on social media where one of its drivers expressed dissatisfaction with his salary, emphasizing that measures have been taken to address the welfare concerns of all staff members.

In the audio recording, Stanley Kisambira, who has been working for the Judiciary since 2008, voiced his frustration over what he perceives as a meager salary. The Judiciary has acknowledged the issue and provided clarifications to shed light on the matter.

“Whereas the approved salary for drivers may be inadequate, the Judiciary leadership resolved that the allowances for all non-judicial staff (drivers inclusive) in the institution be enhanced in line with CSI No.6 of 2018 on duty facilitating allowance. This was an intervention to facilitate the lower cadre of staff specifically non-judicial staff whose salaries have not been enhanced,” reads a May 14th, 2023 statement from the Judiciary Public Relations Officer, Jamson Karemani.

“As a result of this intervention, each driver now receives a consolidated monthly allowance, paid out on a quarterly basis, in addition to their salary. When combined, the total monthly payment for a driver exceeds one million shillings,” the statement adds.

He explains that the payments exclude duty facilitation allowances and operational funds, which Kisambira referred to as “OP” in his audio recording. According to the statement, all Judiciary staff members enjoy access to health insurance services.

He noted that while the Judiciary acknowledges that salaries of non-judicial staff, including drivers, may be low compared to workers in other institutions, Management has implemented the aforementioned measures to bridge the gap and improve the welfare of its employees.

According to the statement, the Management has reached out to Kisambira to provide guidance on how his concerns could have been better addressed. “This is to assure all the Judiciary staff that everything is being done within the laid down legal precincts to further address the welfare concerns of all Staff of the Judiciary,” reads the statement.



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  1. Thanks for the story…but u need to look for the current picture of the Judiciary. The current face has completely changed from the one punlished with this article…

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