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Jinja city authorities blocked from constructing road on Masese police land

Jinja city council authorities were demarcating a road through Masese community police station. URN photo

Jinja, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The police in Jinja city has blocked Jinja city council authorities from constructing a road on part of Masese police station land.

On Tuesday, Jinja city Southern division authorities, the Southern Division Clerk, Joy Kasowole, and the Mayor, Nasser Ashraf led a team of physical planners and surveyors to demarcate a road on part of Masese police station land. However, this sparked off anger among the police, who had recently constructed housing units in the same area.

City council authorities had earlier on deployed UPDF officers as they attempted to forcefully grade the contested land, arguing that police had denied them the security to facilitate the exercise of opening boundaries.

Kiira Central Division Police Commander, Patience Namara reinforced the scene with Field Force Unit and Crime Intelligence personnel stressing that there was no official communication informing her about the activity at hand.

Kasowole stressed that police had been allocated half an acre of land, but they illegally stretched their boundaries, an issue that would antagonize the implementation of agreeable physical planning designs within the surrounding communities.

Nasser also stresses that the new road would foster improved business activity within the fishing communities, who will be using it to easily access fish and vegetable markets along Masese landing site.

He further states that the housing units can be relocated to another open space within the police station land.

Namara argued that, a series of harmonization meetings with documented minutes were held, where responsible stakeholders ranging from the city security committee members, city authorities, alongside the surrounding neighbors, amicably resolved on the rightful police boundaries and there was no conclusive reason explaining why anyone would encroach on police land.

However, the Resident City Commissioner, Kyeyune Ssenyonjjo says that they have resolved to hold a closed meeting with an aim of resolving the matter.



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