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IN THE INDEPENDENT: What vaccines does your child need?

The top stories in this week’s The Independent. Get a copy at the nearest news stand.

In this week’s issue of The Independent:

Yahya Jams: Gambian President Yahya Jammeh’s decision to cling to power after initially conceding defeat in the Dec.01 election might be a result of his fear about how the victorious opposition might treat him. That has lessons for those opposing President Yoweri Museveni.

Complexity of inequality: If the causes and impacts of inequality differ across countries, so should the policy prescriptions

Fishing in the dark on Lake Victoria: Without a survey of the actual fish stock, fisheries managers focus on what they get out to ensure sustainability

Christmas price surge: Festive season, prolonged drought push prices high

What vaccines does your child really need?: With new vaccines coming at increasing prices, parents are facing tough choices. The numbers of children receiving vaccinations in Uganda is up and the government’s recent move to pass a law criminalising anti-immunisation sentiments appears to be partly behind the surge.

Corruption’s changing face: Top government officials reveal new powerful syndicates

Rwanda to pay less for 2017 elections: The National Electoral Commission (NEC) of Rwanda and the government are sticking to their proposed cost-cutting plan for the 2017 presidential election, according to latest information released in Dec.13 by government officials.

Exciting week in gorilla world: Rwandan conservationist group shares joy over return of lost primates.

Moses Matovu’s decades with Afrigo Band: Moses Matovu’s music journey mirrors the history of Uganda’s pop music culture and identity. He has been in Uganda’s music industry for 49 years. He started and continues to manage Afrigo Band in Kampala.

Stained glass art Dying elsewhere, booming in Uganda: St. Peter’s Cathedral in Nsambya in Kampala is imbued with an aura that is unmistakably different from its environment.

Driving tips for holiday season: The Christmas season is the deadliest on Ugandan roads according to Annual Crime and Traffic/ Road Safety Reports.

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