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THE INDEPENDENT: Inside Museveni’s life presidency game

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In the Independent this week: Inside Museveni’s long game for life presidency

Inside Museveni’s long game for life presidency: Members of President Yoweri Museveni’s inner circle know something is serious if Lt. Col Michael Katungi is involved. He is a very quiet officer who likes to keep a low profile but has been praised by Museveni for pulling off sensitive and very discreet assignments. That is why many people paid attention when on July 24, Katungi called a special meeting at a discreet ruling party facility located near the Army Headquarters in Mbuya. The facility is officially attended the Office of the Chairman; meaning Museveni uses it for his work as chairman of his NRM party.

Defying the odds, defining oneself : How Africans have been mentally enslaved to hate everything about themselves and how Rwanda is defying it

Why Kagame’s third term makes sense for Rwanda: Rwandan president Paul Kagame first confirmed that he will seek a third term after more than 98% of Rwandans voted in a referendum to lift the presidential term limit.Kagame’s decision not to step down prompted a barrage of criticism. Western governments, media outlets and human rights groups painted him with the same brush as other central African “strongmen”

What will decide the Kenyan election?: A dose of faith, tribe and hard cash Explainer: What’s behind the high stakes in Kenya’s presidential elections?:After the 2007 general election, Kenya experienced its worst politically triggered ethnic violence since independence. The violence was caused by a dispute between the two main presidential candidates – Raila Odinga and his opposition Orange Democratic Movement, and Mwai Kibaki, who was defending his seat on a Party of National Unity ticket.

How Kenya could move away from the politics of ethnicity: In 1992 Kenya held its first multi-party election in 26 years. Since this re-introduction of multipartism, the “politics of tribe” has been blamed for the country’s political tribulations.

Bamugemereire Land probe: How government land is stolen: After a technical break, the seven-member Land Inquiry 2017 Commission headed by Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire handled two big cases from July 24 –28.

URA’s missed collection targets: Tax experts say government needs to refocus its priorities

UIA to withdraw investor undeveloped park land: Jolly Kaguhangire is the new executive director of the Uganda Investment Authority. She spoke to The Independent’s Isaac Khisa about the major reforms that await the agency.

World Bank upbeat about economy: Says Public Private Partnerships on large projects could spur economy

Brand Appeal: Thoughts of a Toro feminist: Stella Nyanzi’s pads for girls campaign and my Mujunju village childhood

Getting innovative with ARVs: Barbara Kemigisa uses her own story to get youth to test and treat

Comic cases of identity: How to know an artist from their art

Julius Kavuma Kabenge; Top lawyer and jack of all trades: Julius Kavuma Kabenge, an advocate, has been a law don at Makerere University in Kampala for the last 26 years.

Car colour choices: Why is 2017 colour of the year not hot in UG?



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