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Health rights body sues Govt over blanket ban on sex education

Sex education at a school. PHOTO RAHU

Centre for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) has dragged government to the Kampala High Court, challenging the delay by the Ministry of Education and Sports to issue a policy on comprehensive sex education.

There was a heated debate in Parliament in August  following a motion urging the Ministry of Education to halt the roll-out of comprehensive sexuality education in schools. Parliament suspended all forms of sex education programmes in schools until a policy is put in place by the ministry.

According to the Programmes Manager-CEHURD Joy Asasira, the delay creates a gap and its a threat to the social development of a country, as it bans all forms of good practices in both formal and informal setting; including senior women in schools teaching children how to manage menstrual hygiene.

Asasira further argue that the failure to pass a policy undermines government effort to fight teenage pregnancies, sexual violance and spread of HIV/Aids among children.

CEHURD therefore wants court to compel the Education Ministry to issue the policy, “because the constitution protects the right of children to access age appropriate information.”


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