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FULL SPEECH: Dr Oledo addresses UMA governing council

Dr Samuel Oledo (C) is at the center of controversy. File Photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Uganda Medical Association (UMA)  President, Dr Samuel Oledo has explained the reasons why he knelt before President Museveni asking him to stand for the presidency again in 2026.

” I urge all Doctors of Uganda to read the political weather and interpret this accordingly. It goes without saying that Uganda is undergoing a slow but sure political transition, and we the Professionals ought to play an active part. Let us not be left behind only to complain later that the leadership of Uganda is not in the right hands. I have made my
choice, have you?”

“I stand by my beliefs and I persuade you the NEC and the NGC, to see reason in my approach, which was not on behalf of NEC, the NGC, or the AGM,” Oledo said.


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  1. Hm
    After UMA gets on board will you consider dear to you those who taught you the craft?

    Will the warmth be quantified?

    Will responses to exit interviews at facility level reflect a positive trend?

    In the event of the inevitable will there be a complete story to support the ” Last Card” findings?

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