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Engineers push for enactment of UCICO Bill to halt building disasters

Uganda National Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (UNABCEC) have called for the enactment of the UCICO Bill to check the rising number of collapsing buildings in Kampala.

UNABCEC Executive Director, Godfrey Lubanga briefed the press in Kampala yesterday about what they think are the root causes of recent collapsed buildings in the city.

Lubanga blamed the situation on the delayed enactment of the Uganda Construction Industry and Commission (UCICO) Bill in parliament. The new law, he said would eliminate briefcase companies which aren’t registered with UNABCEC.

“Most of the falling buildings are outside the control of UNABCEC; they aren’t attached to the association hence UNABCEC has no authority over their mistakes, including the recent collapsed building at Makerere owned by Moses Kyaseka. Most of the owners are businessmen and politicians aiming at profit maximization only.”

UNABCEC is engaging the government together with other stakeholders to manage proper site constructions along with professional work.  KCCA provides occupation permits to fully completed buildings once open for tenants but many owners disregard the policies and aim at money making with incomplete buildings.

The association with over 200 firms in membership has prepared a number of proposals to streamline the effectiveness of the bill. They suggest encouraging joint ventures between foreign and local contractors, and ensure compliance with all UNABCEC rules and regulations.

They also plan to review the composition of their board to increase representation of contractors and regulate the levy imposed on construction works at minimum of 0.125% and maximum of 0.25%.

UNABCEC intend to get fully involved in the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway project.

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