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DRC nationals hail UPDF

Bunia, DRC | THE INDEPENDENT | Nationals of the Democratic Republic of Congo have applauded Uganda Peoples Defense forces-UPDF for raiding Allied Democratic forces-ADF camps in Eastern DRC.

The UPDF, in a joint operation with DRC forces, launched a series of strikes against the Allied Democratic Forces-ADF militants in neighbouring Congo, on Tuesday, an offensive that Ugandan officials said was intended to drive the militants out of their bases.  It came after a series of terror attacks in different parts of Uganda, all of which were blamed on the ADF.

Uganda Radio Network caught up with some DRC nationals from the targeted area, the majority of whom are optimistic that peace will now return to the region after the intervention. Erick Aksante, a resident of Bunia town in Ituri province says that the presence of the ADF in the area was a threat to human life and regional peace.

Emmanuel Mazembe, a resident of Tchomia, also in Ituri province says that the ADF rebels not only posed threat to Ugandans but also to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where people had abandoned their homes in fear of being attacked.

Jean Dhezere, a resident of Kasenyi Landing Site in Bunia district wants the UPDF to maintain deployment in the DRC even after fighting and eliminating the Allied Democratic Forces.

Joseph Lumumba, another DRC national also wants the UPDF to maintain its presence in the country to help fight other rebel groups that are hiding in various parts of the DRC. He says that the people of Eastern DRC will now be able to transact businesses without being attacked unlike in the past where rebels would raid their business premises and loot their merchandise.

Established in the early 1990s’ in Uganda, the ADF later was forced to flee into eastern Congo, where many rebel groups are able to operate because Congo’s central government has limited control there. The ADF has long been opposed to the rule of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. Many deadly attacks on civilians in eastern DR Congo have been blamed on the ADF in recent years.



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  1. I wish the updf should remain in the DRC to help and maintain peace in those boarder areas of our countries.
    That’s is their assignment, we as peace lover’s, we appreciate what is being done, so that we can live in peace, without panic all the time.
    We have just seen what have happened to our dear sisters and brothers who have perished in those brutal suicide attacks in Kampala.
    So we have to stand behind our soldier in fight against terrorism.

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