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DPP withdraws charges against 19 Muslims accused of Treason

Kampala, Uganda | GODFREY SSALI | The Director of Public Prosecutions Mike Chibita has dropped treason charges against nineteen Muslim suspects who have been on remand at Luzira prison since 2014.

According to a withdrawal letter dated March 23, 2018, DPP says he is no longer interested in prosecuting the suspects and asked presiding High Court Judge Wilson Masalu Musene to set them free.

State Prosecutor Thomas Jatiko also dispelled fears that the suspects will be re-arrested soon after being released.

This was after nine witnesses had testified against the accused persons but the State refused to close its case, prompting the withdraw of charges against them.

Justice Masalu had now discharged all of them.

The nineteen suspects include a woman Aisha Nakasibante a sister in-law to Ugandan Austrian based cardiologist Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi .

They have been facing two counts of treason and concealment of treason, in which prosecution had alleged that they contrived a plot to over throw the government of Uganda by use of fire arms between years; 2013 and 2015 at various places in Uganda, Dubai , Kenya and Tanzania.

Prosecution further alleged that the accused expressed this plot through utterances , recruitment and training of rebels, acquiring satellite mobile phones for communication, motorcycles and vehicles for transport and also rented houses to act as safe houses to accomplish their mission.


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