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DP leaders clash at Nakasirye’s burial

Nobert Mao guiding Fortunate Rose Nantongo on the procedure after installation.

Kyotera, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  The burial of the late Kyotera Woman Member of Parliament, Robinah Nakasirye Ssentongo at Lwankoni B village in Lwankoni Sub-county turned into a battle field between two Democratic Party-DP leaders.

The drama started after Ssentongo’s casket was lowered in the grave following a requiem service led by the Vicar General of Masaka Diocese –Monsignor Dominic Ssengendo.    

It all started when the Masaka Woman MP, Mary Babirye Kabanda told mourners that she doesn’t support the presidential bid of the DP President General Norbert Mao. 

She explained that she chose to support Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, the National Unity Platform leader because of his competence compared to other presidential candidates. 

Kabanda further said that she was also persuading the deceased to support Kyagulanyi but she died before making her decision.  

He revelations didn’t go down well with Mao, who likened her to dry leaves, which are blown by the wind off their firm tree, saying that politicians like her always end up in misery for lack of a foundation and true identity.  

Mao said that much as Ssentongo helped NUP to get off its feet she remained in her party and supported him, according to the party principals.     

He said party members, who do not support him, have no right to weigh his competence because they Know nothing about his capabilities.     

The Mityana Municipality MP, Francis Zaake urged all political parties to join forces against Yoweri Kaguta Museveni other than fighting among themselves.  

He said fighting fellow opposition candidates creates an opportunity for their common enemy to take advantage of them.    

Ssentongo’s daughter Fortunate Rose Nantongo was officially installed as her successor in the political arena. The installation was conducted by Mao and Secretary-General, Gerald Siranda who gave her the party forms, flag and hoe, the DP symbol.  

Mao pledged to work on the process to ensure that she gets nominated in time in order to start campaigning soon.  

He appealed to Nantongo to remain focused like her mother and fulfil her mother’s work plan.   According to Nantongo, she is ready to face the challenge in order to take on her mother’s legacy.    



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