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Dennis Katongole’s passion for radio and TV

Kampala, Uganda | AGNES NANTABA | Dennis Katongole alias Omutongole Mubatongole has for over a decade been a popular name on most local radio and TV stations; especially Radio Simba, Beat FM, Bukedde TV and radio, Record and Delta TV in Kampala. He says he believes he was created and made for the media industry. He loves and enjoys doing.

His media personality career dates back in 2001 during his Senior Six long holiday when he majestically walked into the studios of Radio Simba seeking a job as a presenter.

“I wanted to work with Capital as an English station because I thought I was really fluent with English only to be told that my English was lacking for a station like that,” he says.

He got the gig – as an all-round presenter. This meant sitting in for presenters who were either away on leave or had urgent errands to attend to. It also meant putting in long rehearsals for a job he had no experience at but only passion.

Even when he got a permanent show of his own to host, pressure persisted to attract a bigger audience. For almost five years, Katongole kept in there as a darling for many listeners hosting the Early Morning Show until he moved. He says the decision to leave Radio Simba was tough. It had molded and trained him into who he is.

“My breakthrough in life is acknowledged to Radio Simba who took me on when I was nothing,” says Katongole.

“I am also grateful because I have been on the airwaves for more than a decade but the audience still yearns for more since it is not easy to maintain relevance in Uganda’s media industry”.

In 2006, he joined Beat FM and later Bukedde FM. In 2011, he returned to Beat FM where he still hosts the breakfast show dubbed ‘Sisimuka’. He is also a programmes director for the station.

In a bid to grow his audience and retain relevance, Katongole sought a stint on TV. He started at Record TV in 2007 with a political talkshow called ‘Moment of Truth’.

“I usually want to start with new stations because they offer wide opportunities and challenge me to come up with new programmes,” said Katongole.

After three years, he switched to Bukedde TV which was also a new station then for a musical show until he moved on to Delta TV where he currently hosts a late night music show.

Katongole has also dabble in elective politics but has so far not succeeded.

Katongole was born 38 years ago in Kampala where him and three others stayed under the custodian of a single mother, Justine Mutegyereize. She would later pass on two weeks to Katongole sitting his PLE. He explains this as one of the toughest experiences in life having been so close to her. It also meant transitioning from city to village life staying with a rural father, John Kakooza (RIP) and siblings.

He went to Mengo Primary School, Kitatya Secondary School in Kayunga and Yale High School. He later did a diploma in Journalism and degree in Mass Communication a Kampala International University. For his long service in the media, Katongole wishes to be remembered as a very strong and influential media personality who shook the airwaves.

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