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Court to rule on FUFA polls injunction Friday


FUFA CEO Edgar Watson (middle) and Mujib Kasule (far right) in court today. PHOTO @daniellutaaya

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Mujib Kasule is seeking an interim order restraining soccer governing body FUFA and president Moses Magogo from conducting elections on Saturday, pending the disposal of his application contesting why he was ruled out of the polls.

High Court, Civil Division before the Lady Justice Margaret Oguli Oumo listened to both parties Thursday and said it will give a ruling on the application at midday on Friday.

Incumbent FUFA president Moses Magogo is set to be re-elected unopposed as his then only opponent Kasule was disqualified by the electoral body. Kasule has gone to court seeking to have the elections cancelled.

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) Electoral Committee last month pronounced itself on the status of Kasule’s nomination in the on-going FUFA presidential polls.

They ruled that incumbent Magogo will be unopposed, as his only challenger “failed to comply with the following articles of the FUFA Electoral Code 2012.”

The FUFA Electoral Committee is chaired by Samuel Bakiika with Yusuf Awuye vice chairman. Committee members are Habib Aluma, Geofrey Kintu, Michael Igole and Stanley Kinene.




Friday 16th June 2017 was the final day for returning nomination documents in accordance with the FUFA Statutes, FUFA Electoral Code 2012, and FUFA Electoral Guidelines, on that day the FUFA Electoral Committee (herein referred to as the Committee) received Nomination forms from a one Kasule Mujib an aspiring candidate for FUFA President and FUFA Executive Committee.

The Committee would like to point out that whereas the said aspiring candidate was required to return the nomination documents to the Committee at 2:30pm on Friday 16th June 2017, to enable the Committee ample time to scrutinize the returned documents, the said aspiring candidate only appeared before the Committee at about 4.30pm shortly before the close of business.

Nonetheless the Committee was compelled to adjourn and reconvene on the next working day, being Monday 19th June 2017.

On this Monday 19th June 2017 the Committee has further scrutinized the nomination documents submitted by Kasule Mujib and found that the said aspiring candidate did not comply with the mandatory requirements stipulated in the FUFA Statutes, FUFA Electoral Code and FUFA Electoral Guidelines for candidature of the FUFA President and FUFA Executive Committee.

The Committee noted that Mr. Kasule Mujib failed to comply with the following articles of the FUFA Electoral Code 2012:

Article 10 (5) Nominations of candidates shall be made by both the Chairman and Secretary of fully subscribed members. Where members are individuals, nominations will be done by fully subscribed members; and

Mujib picked nomination forms but was later ruled ineligible by FUFA EC, leaving Magogo (below) unopposed

Article 10 (6) Subject to the fulfillment of the eligibility prerequisites, a candidate to the office of the FUFA President shall only be valid if supported by any three members of FUFA where one such member is from the FUFA Super League Clubs or FUFA Big League, the other member being from Special interest groups as defined in article 10 (1) (d-1) of the FUFA Statutes and the other member being a Regional Football Association.

In addition, Mr Mujib Kasule did not also comply with Article 39 (4) of the FUFA Statutes –Only Members of FUFA may propose candidates for the office of President. Members shall notify the general secretariat in writing of the name of a candidate for the presidency of FUFA at least two months before the date General Assembly.

Finally, Article 11 (2) of the FUFA Electoral Code 2012 states Candidatures will be registered by the EC, scrutinised by the EC for compliance with this code, the FIFA, CAF, FUFA and/or respective statutes of the organization for whom elections are being conducted and declared eligible for election after payment of the respective fees as stipulated in this code.

Based on the above reasons the Committee unanimously found that Mr. Mujib Kasule failed to fulfill the mandatory requirements and is therefore ineligible for nomination as a candidate for FUFA President.


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  1. SSebunya Fredrick

    But why Mujib Kasule wants to antagonize the elections? Please abide or comply with the law we are fed up

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