Friday , July 1 2022
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Consequences of rising Victoria waters

They remind us of its uncompromising laws that are not cheatable and bite so deeply and indiscriminately COMMENT | JOSEPH MUKASA NGUBWAGYE | Images of “swimming” portions of prominent hotels in Kigo and Entebbe in Wakiso district continue to make rounds on social media. The situation is not any different …

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Tackling COVID-19 among truck drivers

The President needs to take decisive measures to consolidate the gains in the fight against the Corona virus COMMENT | WALTER AKENA | Over the last one month, President Yoweri Museveni has addressed Ugandans many times, each time giving an account of the nation’s efforts to break the chain of …

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Women, climate change and COVID-19

  COMMENT | Amumpiire Anna Akandwanaho | The outbreak of COVID19 pandemic is causing innumerable human suffering globally and there is fear that it is likely to worsen gender based inequalities worldwide. When a crisis hits a country, women are among those who suffer the most. The world is currently …

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The private sector steps up

While some companies will need government assistance others are becoming part of the solution COMMENT | DAMBISA MOYO | If the 2008 global financial crisis laid bare the worst of capitalism, the private sector’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is already showcasing the very best. COVID-19 cases have now surpassed …

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Mental health and COVID-19

Government should align the COVID -19 prevention and control mechanisms with the mental health challenges COMMENT | ANTHONY ODUR | The COVID -19 preventative and control measures in place till May 05, 2020 and the insurmountable updates transmitted through radio, television, and social media platforms are well founded. However these …

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