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CABINET: Museveni’s small fish

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Museveni’s small fish

Thirty years in power and President Museveni shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to tightening his grip on power. In the new cabinet, Museveni has appointed a number of not so influential players from the Opposition, but who are strong enough to dent claims of a growing opposition in stature.


Uganda’s economic growth dilemma

Uganda has had impressive per capita income growth in the last 25 years. But why do its citizens remain mired in abject poverty? Andrew Mwenda says that it is because Uganda has ignored the role of the state as a transformative agent and let the market to decide.


Netanyahu, Museveni vow to fight terrorism

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Uganda recently where he reminisced about the successful mission of the Israel raid on its 40th year anniversary. He and his host President Museveni said terrorism has no place in the modern state.


Butabika’s surprising oasis of silence

A visit to Uganda’s sole mental hospital shows how psychiatrists are treating patients of mental illness using nature and other intriguing modern techniques.



Why you shouldn’t wrap your food in aluminum foil before cooking it

Many people wrap their food in aluminum foil yet this presents a health hazard. Placing the food in foil and putting it in the oven is problematic, especially when it is acidic or spicy and prepared at high temperatures.


New report faults government on agriculture

Proportion of Ugandans who depend on agriculture has increased slightly but access to finances remains a big hindrance. Many farmers still depend on credit cooperatives and friends for loans.


J & M hotel auction set

Barclays Bank has instructed Quickway Auctioneers and Court Bailiffs to auction J&M Airport Rd Hotel Apartments and Leisure Centre Ltd to recover a loan amounting to more than Shs4.7 billion.


Frankly Speaking Former Makerere University don and currently Chairperson NRM Electoral Commission Tanga Odoi talks about his four mothers and his greatest regret in this light hearted interview.

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