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Brenda Nansubuga; Embroidery designer

By the Independent Team

Customized products enjoy immense popularity because of their uniqueness. For businesses and corporate organizations, embroidered or corporate wear and other products help build brand identity or to communicate a direct message to the target audience.

Brenda Nansubuga saw a business opportunity there but it was her love of art that inspired her. “It’s the love of writing dreams with a needle, with a pearl or anything that could fascinate and bring new life to a product,” she says. With an informal background in embroidery and designing, Nansubuga sought training from an institution. The skills she acquired gave her confidence to launch a business. Three years down the road, she has no regrets. Her products cut across diverse variations from umbrellas, rain coats, T-Shirts, bandanas, sweaters, sleeveless or waist coats, shawls, socks, table clothes, caps and gifts among others.  In instances where the client is not sure of which product rightly fits the job, she engages them to determine what would work best for the embroidery application.

Success tips; Beat deadlines

While many entrepreneurs in the same business fail to deliver on time, Nansubuga sees it as a huge competitive advantage.

She says the faster you can make products, the faster you can pass them onto your customers and the faster you can take in more orders.

She has therefore developed a system to speed up the whole process and this has dramatically reduced the time needed to accomplish each line of work.  “All you need is the right information, the proper training, the right tools and machinery, and you are all set to get your business off the ground,” Nansubuga notes.

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