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Bio Toilet Performance Dual Purpose

By Charlotte Ninsiima

KCCA plans to introduce bio toilets per division as a dual mechanism to conserve the environment and improve sanitation.
The National Population and Housing Census 2014 reported 34% of household using improved toilet facility. Like any basics of a home, a toilet facility is vital for human waste disposal and prevention of serial killer diseases.

Dr. Serukka David, KCCA Public Health Director said, “Kampala Feacal Sludge Management (FSM) aims to improve onsite sanitation majorly around pit latrines, septic tanks and flush toilets. Although KCCA plans to construct bio toilets in primary schools to help conserve the environment using bio gas rather than fuel for cooking and also improve on sanitation.”
Kasanga Primary and Nursery school is one of schools operating on the bio toilet technology. “We plan to work with MTN Telecommunication Company through an organised marathon to fundraise 500million, so as to construct a bio toilet, worth 100million per division. This will have a dual purpose both on sanitation and environment,” Dr. Serukka commented.

During the launch of the FSM Project by KCCA in February 2016, 90% households use pit latrines which have inadequate standard and 45% of the pit latrines are abandoned after 5years when they are full or broken down due to poor infrastructure, inadequate operation and maintenance.
1.8% households per division of Kampala have no facility toilets and only 50% of pit latrine waste is collected, disposed and treated from 1.2million inhabitants. 3% of households without toilet facilities in urban areas can pose a risk to public health.
Apparently KCCA plans to map out toilet facilities in communities, busy areas, hospitals and markets, to collect the databases about the quality of sanitation, thereafter engage the private sector on a business opportunity to deliver services like emptying toilets.

Is a complete waste management solution which reduces solid human waste to biogas ad pure water, with the help of bacterial inoculum.

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