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Bina Babie on not dating for four years

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Bina Babie real names Robina Mbabazi Mulera is a radio presenter on Dembe FM. She has presented the mid-morning show, `Mubeezi’ for the last 16 years and she says looks forward to continue doing it. She says it all about her attachment to her fans and listeners. In 2016, she was awarded in the RTV awards as the ‘Face of Radio’. This is one of her most outstanding achievements in her media journey.

“I chose to do things differently; for instance to share in the trials and tribulations of my listeners by counseling them and offering solutions where I can,” she says.

“That explains why I want to be remembered as a person who invested her life in being a voice for the voiceless”.

She has fond memories in her journey. One that stands out is her encounter, three years back, with one of her listeners – a former prostitute who was depressed that nobody loved her.

“I had actually given up on helping her until she mentioned that if I don’t meet her, she would commit suicide,” Bina Babie says.

From her story Bina Babie got to know that some women are prostitutes not out of choice but due to pressure of circumstances. She eventually quit prostitution and Bina Babie and her listeners raised money to enable her study bakery and cookery and start a business. The other touching story was of a hermaphrodite whom Bina Babie and the listeners raised money for a surgery that set him on the path to a stable relationship.

She also started ‘Maama Wange’ health camp that runs every month of May to help expectant mothers seek antenatal services from experts in one place. The idea is drawn from her own experience.

“With my own trials and tribulations including my struggles to conceive, I decided to give back to expectant mothers,” said Bina Babie.

Before joining Dembe FM, she had worked with Uganda Broadcasting Corporation formerly UTV and Radio Uganda as a teens show presenter and excitedly recalls being trained trained and nurtured by one of Uganda’s greatest presenters, Baale Francis (RIP). After four years, she joined Dembe FM.

Interestingly, the popular radio presenter had wanted to become a medical doctor and was only failed by the fear of the sight of dead bodies. She even joined medical school and kept in there for just a month until she could not take it any longer. She eventually dropped the programme and took on a course in accounting at Nkumba University. She has never practiced.

Bina Babie is the first born in a family of five children. She went to Lugogo Nursery School, Kitante Primary School and Trinity College Nabbingo. She completed high school at St. Josephs Naggalama.

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