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Betty Kamya quits UFA presidency

FILE PHOTO: Minister Kamya

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Betty Olive Kamya has resigned as President Uganda Federal Alliance-UFA.

This followed an extraordinary meeting of the National Executive Committee of UFA held on Thursday at Mamerito Hotel in Bweyogerere.

Top on the agenda of the meeting was to solve the leadership crisis in the party, following the appointment of Kamya as Minister-in-Charge Kampala.

After the meeting, Kamya told the press that she had stepped aside and relinquished her powers to the Vice President Boniface Oniba Ekanya.

Kamya says she had decided to resign because the position of President requires a lot of commitment.

Kamya is the founder of UFA and has been party president since its formation in 2009. In 2016, she was appointed Minister for Kampala. However, this did not go on well with the UFA members.

The acting General Secretary of UFA Kennedy Oluma says that the party was in a leadership crisis and it was necessary for Kamya to step aside and let other committee members take up office.

Other members also welcomed the move by Kamya to step aside since she was not offering ample time to the party.

In 2017, some party members threatened to impeach her from the presidency. They accused her of abandoning the party and also making statements that were pro the ruling party but against the stand and ideology of her own party.

In March, a group of UFA members including the then spokesperson Baker Byayi Ssenyonga announced that the National Executive Committee, Central Executive Committee and district leadership for the party had agreed that Kamya be axed out of office for neglecting the party.

Oniba, the acting President says the new appointment is more of a merely formalization since he has already been acting as president. He, however, adds that he will streamline the party and plan for the next general elections.

Genevieve Abwate, a delegate from Katakwi district and the spokesperson of the party says it was important for Kamya to resign for the good of the party.

The meeting agreed to hold a general assembly in five months’ time. A five-member committee was constituted to organize for a general assembly that will elect the party leadership.



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