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BESIGYE: I will campaign for best candidates in all parties


Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Former Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential flag bearer Kizza Besigye has said he will not shy from campaigning for candidates in other political parties, if they support his ‘liberation’ message.

In a wide ranging pre-election interview on the NBS Morning Breeze show Monday (video bottom), Besigye also accused President Yoweri Museveni of seeking ‘to unite East Africa by force,” questioning his plans to build roads in Congo, and saying that by accumulating huge supplementary and classified budgets for the Ministry of Defence and State House, the president is preparing for ‘War’. He did not specify what war, and against who.

“I am very clear about the elections. I am not just going to campaign for you because you are saying you are FDC. No. I am going to campaign for you if your message in the election is for liberation. If you are building the conscience of the population to fight for their freedom and their power. If you on a liberation mission, you are my candidate,” Besigye said.

In the interview he described ‘liberation’ as his Plan B effort to make Ugandans understand the difference between having power and offices.

“Many are fighting for offices. It can never work that way. We have always won offices in Kampala but have we ever had power in Kampala? The struggle in this country should be a struggle for power.”

“This is why we have advocated for defiance. We need to win power, and then power will give us the offices.”

Budget priorities wrong.

Besigye said that the country urgently needs to focus on what he called worrying issues outside elections. ” We are focusing on the wrong things, while they are doing different things, that is why I get mad at Ugandans.”

According to his information from the past year, sh685 billion was the classified budget for State House, and up to $3 million has gone to the defence ministry, which he said, shows the country’s priorities are wrong.  “We are going to into war. We are going into war… you will find out” he charged.

He said that while the Housing and urban development budget for the country is sh260 billion, and sh830 billion in ministry of agriculture for the entire country, State House alone got sh200 billion for donations, plus sh685 billion in a classified budget.

He accused Museveni for saying he ‘will not go home’ as he first wants to united East Africa. “Yes he is going to unite it, by force,” Besigye said.

“He wants to take over the whole region. Why would Ugandans be paying for money to make roads in Congo,” he charged. ” We owe congo $23 billion. We have budgeted to make roads in Congo, do you know why?”

“We are engaged in and elections Katemba , while they are doing different things,” he said



  1. Muhindi Asaph Kagumire

    Change is a factor of life
    Museveni looks to be no t tactical but he has won his opponents on strategies we are here compaigning yet his strategy is about he iz going to construct uganda pipdlines upto dar el salaam

  2. What are u liberating this country
    The problem of opposition is they are using propaganda en God will not embrass you cause what they are doing arent build his kingdom en u always suprised why he embrasses museveni is that he has given rights to people to do what like in building the kingdom of God like churches evrywhre en its business to many ugandans

  3. Ugandans have not reached the point when they will force themselves into action, and may be positive or negative towards our country. Besigye is one of the elite that has played his role,we must unite and fight one man rule before we perish

  4. I totally agree with Dr. Besigye! Uganda needs liberation.

  5. We must first understand what’s power? Who controls it,who has it and what form of power does he use!

  6. How I wish Bobi Wine had remained an activist and People Power had remained a pressure group. It’s his right to do what he wants but now Museveni will win again because of split votes and the current mediocrity in the opposition, which is not selling anything new, just the usual exaggerated criticism and “Museveni must go” plot… that anybody can be a better president than Museveni, as long as Museveni goes… yet it’s a very serious job with so much at stake. Maybe by next elections things will have improved but as of now… it seems like we are just engaging ourselves in noisemaking and timewasting unfortunately.

  7. If our great opposition leaders have other strategies we can use to bring down the tyrant let them unveil but we cannot liberate uganda with polls.

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