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Bashir Masembe; Interior designer

By the Indepenent Team

With a specialty in wallpapering, Masembe sees it a growing and promising venture in Uganda.  The passionate artist and decorator worked for his parents selling motor vehicle spare parts to raise capital so as to actualize his dream.   “My first job was designing an upcountry hotel. The pay wasn’t commensurate to the work but its success came from the recommendations to other clients,” he explains. Today, Masembe can make between Shs 200,000 to Shs 2 million depending on the scope of work and negotiations with different clients. He uses his earnings to pay his tuition for his IT degree at University.  What concerns him most is the fact that many Ugandans haven’t yet mastered the notion of art and which makes few people appreciate it.  “Selling out the idea to people who don’t get the concept has been my biggest challenge,” he adds.

Success tips; make use of IT, quality assurance

Masembe has made use of IT as a selling and marketing tool for his business, which he says has grown his clientele. He also ensures that he delivers quality work regardless of the negotiated pay. He posts samples of his work online and can also make deals online. He says it is cheaper and more convenient especially for starting entrepreneurs.  His focus is to create and develop a brand of wallpaper designing in Uganda and East Africa.

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