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AU Forces overrun Al Shabaab base

By Julius Odeke

Al Shabaab has again suffered a major setback after AMISOM forces raided their base and inflicted heavy losses to the al Qaeda linked group, some 120km North West of Mogadishu in the thickets of the general areas of Balidoogle.

The Ugandan contingent forces who have been following up on the group that had on Sunday staged a road ambush between Balidoogle and Leego, struck the enemy objective last evening capturing 04 Submachine guns and 13 fully loaded magazines containing 390 live bullets.

The AU forces also inflicted on the insurgents a sizeable loss of personnel and totally neutralised the enemy target which was 20km north east of the Ugandan contingent base of Ballidoogle.

This operation was not only aimed at improving security of the Ballidoogle –Leego road and to further weaken the insurgents, but also to eliminate Al Shabaab pockets in the neighbourhood.

The Uganda Contingent Commander, Brig Michael Ondoga said: “We can not afford to allow freedom of activity for the enemy in areas we have captured. Issues of road ambushes can not be handled by road patrols alone but also by solving the problem from the source. Our operations are paying off.”

Meanwhile, Major Henry Obbo the Uganda People’s Defence Army contigent in Somalia says the same forces also captured one insurgent earlier in the week at Baleweyn 115km North West of Mogadishu, while in possession of several military wear including camouflage uniforms and ranger boots. 01 Rocket propelled grenade bomb was also this morning recovered in  Gupta, a suburb in Mogadishu.

He adds that, “AMISOM forces are mandated to use all means to support offensive action to seize, retain and exploit the initiative of hostile forces throughout the areas of its operation, and to prevent or suppress hostile activities of illegal armed groups in Somalia.”

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