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Arsenal star’s mom homeless he earns £30,000-a-week

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Arsenal star Ainsley Maitland-Niles’ mother claims she is homeless and sleeps in a 10 foot metal storage crate while he lives in a £700,000 apartment.

Jule Niles, 38, said the £30,000-a-week footballer refused to be a guarantor so she could rent a flat. While he shares a luxury home with brother Cordi she has to sneak past staff at the Big Yellow Storage warehouse to sleep in the freezing container.

“My son Ainsley could buy me a flat with two weeks or two month’s wages. But the money’s gone to his head and I’m in this position.”


  1. Matovu Patrick K

    The boy is just growing .he has a load to carry too. instead the mother should talk to him to contribute something for her for a decent home as she also looks for a job to survive.

  2. In Africa, this is nothing else but sheer madness! I don’t earn a lot of money and have just completed my law degree, yet I have prioritised building for my parents a decent home. The young man should put his acts together!

    • Christopher Odyek

      it is a milestone to Ainsley, we should not just condem him, he is young but the truth is between him and the family. at times these parents can frustrate a child by doing the opposite.

  3. ejakait engoraton

    SOMETIMES we do not know the full story, but your parents, most especially your mother, is your parent.

    MY father ( rip) always told me that we as his children did not owe him and he did not expect anything from us.

    ON the other hand, he said he bore the responsibility for us because he brought us in to this world and said that if it ever ended up in court, we the children had a very strong, in fact very water tight case, because we could ask ” did I ask you to bring me into this world.”

    SOME parents hold their children to ransom by saying things like I brought you into this world, I looked after you, I sacrificed this and that, paid for your education and look what you are paying me back. The truth is , it is you duty as a parent because you brought this person into the world.

    • However bad your parent can be, you cannot ignore them to this extent. If others can donate to people whom they do not even know, how can one be so mean to this level? Life is not all about keeping earthly possessions. There is a fulfilment one can get in life from giving and sharing, that you cannot possibly get from retaining too much wealth. Well, we shall never run short of sadists !!

  4. shes a crack head even banned from arsenal’s training grounds back in 2015 after attacking some of arsenal staff.

  5. Supposing the mum rejected what the the young man could afford???or do we know whether she rejected to stay with the young footballer in his home?? before we condemn the young man lets dig out the facts.
    My suspicion is that there is much more about these people that we don’t know.

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