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Amin’s self-styled British advisor dies

By Julius Odeke

Ex-president Idi Amin’s self-styled British advisor Major Bob Astles dies.

Astles is reported to have died and cremated three weeks ago, however, it’s surprising that even the British press never reported anything about his death.

It’s said that only five people attended Astles’ cremation ceremony but could not divulge any information to that effect.

Astles was labeled the “The White Rat” because of his allegiance to the dictator who murdered about 300,000 people of his fellow citizens over his eight-year rule.

When Amin fled to exile in 1979, Major Bob was imprisoned for six years but later returned to Britain. He stayed in touch with Amin until the tyrant’s death in 2003.

Henry Gombya, editor of the London Evening Post says, Major Bob remained a fixture with UK Ugandans but never regretted his time with the blood soaked president, Amin.

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