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90-Year old sues chinese company over stone quarrying activities

The lawyer for the Applicant, Nalukoola Luyimbazi. File Photo.

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Dorotia Nakabuye, a 90-year-old resident of Nambi village, in Zirobwe Sub-county has sued a Chinese Company Bangcheng Investments Limited for undertaking stone quarrying activities near her home.

Nakabuye said that she is a peasant farmer who is suffering from illnesses that come with old age, all of which require a quiet residential environment to enable her to rest with less stress. She, however, says that this is impossible in a neighbourhood with stone quarrying activities. 

Her supportive evidence presented before the Civil Division of High Court indicates that together with her neighbours, they have been enjoying a serene and soothing environment until recently when the company started blasting rocks in the locality adjacent to her residence.

Nakabuye adds that she has experienced untold inconveniences due to the excessive and unbearable emission of noise, ever since the Chinese company started its operations in the area. She adds that besides the effect on human health, the activities have affected her agricultural productivity, farming, ability to sleep, and disrupted her conversations. 

Nakabuye further states that the two permanent houses on her land have developed cracks and fissures resulting from the use of explosives to blast rocks which reportedly fly debris to her houses. The houses have also been weighed down by the use of excavators and earthmovers.

Her lawyers led by Nalukoola Luyimbazi contend that efforts to engage the company and the National Environmental Management Authority about her grievances over regular rock blasts and the excessive sound emanating from the quarry have yielded no fruit.

Nakabuye who has also filed a similar case against NEMA now alleges that unless the Chinese company is restrained by the court, her health is likely to deteriorate and she will suffer irreparable damage that cannot be adequately compensated for.

But the company says that it has been in operation since October 21, 2015, after the approval of its activities by the National Environment Management Authority-NEMA and has fully operated within the Standards that were set by the regulator over the years.

Recently, residents from Bamukakudde, Kisanjufu, Kiryamuli Kasenene villages all in Kyampisi sub-county in Mukono District also complained about a similar issue.



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