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VIDEO: Security in Rwanda

VIDEO: “Police officers here are deployed day and night. Security is tight and they are highly depending on CCTV technology as well,” reports Sabiti Joseph in Kigali, Rwanda.

“The police is working closely with the locals through community policing to ensure security. Security at different facilities like hotels, offices and other public places is very tight.”


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  1. I was in Rwanda on the 12th and 13th. I left yesterday aboard Turkish air. I should recommend that Rwanda looked different from last I was there (2009). I had a brief discussion with a Rwandan born in Uganda. He has lived in Rwanda since 1997 when he had just attained a degree from Makerere University. I told him what formed my disgust with Kagame- the politics , the economics and the social standing of majority of Rwandans. He cautioned me that in order to appreciate Kagame, I should make comparisons with my country (Uganda). He asked me whether I wasn’t happy that I was living in a “clean environment” at least? He told me that Rwanda had dogs, kids and mad persons just like Uganda. But at least they are not “street dogs”, “street kids” and “street mad persons.” respectively. He told me that for all this long he hasn’t been able to build a home, marry and have kids but he had the hope of working for the greater good. He however, indicated to me that his only worry was “the road map.” That Rwanda needed predictability of leadership for continuity. Although he hasn’t been able to build himself a home, he paid $100 for my accommodation. This “kind treatment” could have a “positive change” about my perception. I hope I get more of these $100 offers.

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