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US not to cut Aid

By Sarah Namulondo

Although most funders have cut aid, the United States of America has assured Uganda that it will not cut off the Aid it has been extending to Uganda.

“The U.S has decided to continue giving aid to Uganda despite the ongoing numerous investigations into the misuse of foreign aid.” Ambassador Scott H. DeLisi said

Scott H DeLisi, the Ambassador of US to Uganda said they will work with several organisations that receive funds to ensure proper use and allocation of the funds.

He said that in a meeting with Uganda’s minister of internal affairs Hilary Onek on Nov 20, the ambassador said they agreed to work together with the ministry to monitor and fulfill the intended purposes of their funds.

Onek thanked the U.S government for its commitment to send funds to Uganda and equated the current state of corruption to measles which has produced a rush on the skin as a sign of healing.

He said that with all the media attention corruption is getting a solution for it is as well on its way with the investigations which are being done on the culprits.

Onek said that Uganda is committed to fight corruption and respect donations to Uganda.

The US government has projects under USAID which are aimed at improving people’s livelihoods, policy objectives in peace and security, democracy and governance, health and education, economic growth, and humanitarian assistance.

Other European countries, such as Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark have suspended aid for the Ugandan government following a report which revealed that money meant for development of Northern Uganda.

Britain’s Department for International Development said that £11 million ($18 million) in initial aid had been canceled following forensic audits. The UK planned to disburse about £26.9 million in aid to Uganda this financial year (ending next March).

Justine Greening, UK Secretary for International Development emphasized that, unless the Ugandan government is able to provide evidence that the UK aid money was used to improve the situation of its poorest citizens, not only will aid remain frozen, but Great Britain will be expecting repayment and administrative and criminal sanctions.

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