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UGANDA: New 42 day lockdown starts immediately

President Museveni announcing a 42 day lockdown Friday. PHOTO PPU

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | President Yoweri Museveni has announced a new range of lock-down measures to control the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the country.

Private and public transport has been suspended for 42 days, except when carrying patients. All places of worship and sports events are also suspended.

Shops will however remain open, so will factories but where possible, the workers are to be housed at places of work for the next 42 days.

“Except where specifically stated, all these measures take immediate effect and will last 42 days when I will make subsequent revision,” President Museveni stated in his address Friday night.


✳ Private and public transport suspended for 42 days.

✳ Cargo trucks and pickups allowed to travel within and cross districts. Shouldn’t have more than 2 people.

✳ Public and private vehicles only allowed to move if they’re transporting the sick.

✳  Boda bodas allowed to carry only cargo.

✳ Registered tourist vehicles allowed to move.

✳ Emergency vehicles i.e. army, police, ambulances etc allowed to move.

✳ Essential workers namely doctors, nurses, pharmacists, veterinary doctors can move.

✳ Curfew to start at 7:00pm – 5:30am.

✳ Boda bodas to stop operating at 5:00pm.

✳ All schools and education institutions to remain closed for 42 days.

✳ Entebbe airport open, travel to and out to continue uninterrupted.

✳ Cargo trucks to park at only designated places.

✳ Non cargo cross border movements suspended for 42 days.

✳ Food market vendors must camp in their places of work (market). Kikubo closed.

✳ Burials restricted to only core family.

✳ Bars, discos, sports betting remain closed. Licenses of those that fail to oblige to be canceled forever.

✳ Physical presence of staff in non core offices to be reduced to 10 percent.

✳ Factories can operate but should adhere to safety measures.

✳ Places of worship and sports events closed for 42 days.




  1. I think these measures are good for our country. My only prayer is that enforcement should be in regard to circumstances and level of our communities. Excessive use of security measures undermines the integrity of the intended purpose. It is unfortunate that some of our citizens have taken it to their hands and abused the measures to the extent of assaulting our law enforcement officers and to some extent causing loss of life. This is very unfortunate.
    The measures are purely for the good of our lives. I appeal to our people to remain calm and respect the measures.

    • I think what these measures are good to curb the situation, the only challenge is the police and the covid 19 task force they are soo corrupt that they solicit money from these people breaking the rule a point in case is the bars and discos are operating and even the police go and drink there and these are the places increasing the numbers


    Please, what about driving permit issues!!! Mine got expired!! No one to contact!!

  3. Essential vehicles is garbage trucks allowed?…

  4. We have 2 normalise with the situation coz i dont think that covid is 2disappear soon

  5. Oketayot Patrick

    Time to relax the strictness for sure

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